A Samsung Washing Machine's DE Error

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On Samsung top-loading washers, the spin and rinse cycles are controlled through a lid sensor that prevents the lid from opening during these cycles. Over time the sensor may become worn out, or the lid magnet could be misaligned. When this occurs, the "dE" error will show up on the washer's LCD screen, and you will need to fix the problem to get the washer working again.

Error Code Identification

When the error occurs, it will appear on the washer's LCD screen as "dE." Be aware that this code can easily be confused with "d8," "8f" or "d3," which are completely different codes. After verifying that you have a "dE" code, depress the "Stop" button for 30 seconds to clear the code from the screen.


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Laundry Cycles

On your Samsung washer, the "dE" error code typically occurs just after the rinse cycle. This will leave your machine filled with water as it does not drain because the washer thinks that the lid is open. Reset the cycle to properly drain the water then stop it before it fills up again.


Lid Check

Check to make sure nothing is preventing the lid switch from letting the cycle continue. Debris, such as lint or paper, could have fallen into the switch hole. Rust or an object could also block the hinges on the back of the lid. Clear anything off of the washer that may interfere with the lid switch then try to run the cycle again.


Adjusting Parts

Samsung washers include a small magnet to keep the lid properly closed. Use a screwdriver to adjust and check the magnet. Remove the magnet and realign it with the matching part on the washer casing. Once tightened, gently close the lid and watch where the magnet makes contact. Try the cycle again; if it does not work, contact Samsung customer service to order a new washer lid switch.



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