My Maytag Washer Is Making a Lot of Noise in the Spin Cycle

Maytag is a brand of appliances sold by the Whirlpool Corporation. At publication, Maytag offers top- and front-loading washing machines that are either 24 or 27 inches wide. While washing machines do make a certain amount of noise during the washing cycle, a lot of noise indicates an issue. Troubleshoot and resolve these problems to avoid expensive service fees.


Your Maytag washing machine comes with four feet. These feet prevent the washing machine from rocking throughout the washing process. Each foot must hold 25 percent of the weight of the washing machine. Test to see if the loads are equal. Hold the washing machine diagonally, and try rocking it on both sides. If the machine moves even a little, the weight on the feet is not evenly distributed. Raise or lower the feet until they are even. Tighten the jam nuts if they are loose.


A major reason why a washing machine shakes excessively during the spin cycle is that it's not level. Place a carpenter's level on top of the washing machine, both front-to-back and side-to-side. If one section is lower than the other, raise it up with wood shims or adjust the feet. Check the floor beneath the washing machine, and see if it's stable. If not, repair the floor before reinstalling the washing machine.


Never overload your washing machine. Too much clothing causes your washing machine to be unbalanced. Evenly distribute the load around the agitator. Always wash heavy and light clothing separately. If you are washing one or two large pieces of clothing, place a couple of smaller pieces on the opposite side. If your Maytag washing machine starts shaking during the spin cycle, stop the washing machine and redistribute the load. If you have too many pieces in it, take a few out.

Additional Concerns

Certain Maytag washing machines have a "Bulky Item" cycle, which is specifically for extremely large items. Use this cycle for large items. Always use the correct cycle for the type of clothing that you are washing. If you do not, this can unbalance your load. Your washing machine normally makes a few different types of noises. A humming sound indicates that water is draining from your washing machine, which occurs during the spin cycle. A rattling noise means that you have foreign objects in the tub. Stop the washing machine, and remove any change, buttons or pins. If you open the washing machine door, you normally hear a clicking sound.