How to Remove the Drum From a Whirlpool Washing Machine

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Every so often, it's necessary to clean and maintain the drum found inside your Whirlpool washing machine, as lint, threads, fabrics or actual pieces of clothing could get behind its mechanism. The performance of a top-loading washing machine drum stuck with foreign objects can be hampered if there's no cleanup or maintenance.

How to Remove the Drum From a Whirlpool Washing Machine
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Fortunately, a Whirlpool washer drum removal can be easily undertaken if you have some mechanical skills to handle appliances. You can definitely save on cost by doing this minor fix yourself because some professionals might charge sky-high prices for such repairs.


What to Prepare

Before doing any work, make sure that the washing machine is off and unplugged to prevent an electrical shock. Also, turn off the water supply and disconnect the water tubes from the machine.

If possible, move the unit away from the wall so you have more space in which to work. You should also tape the lid of the machine tightly so it won't open once you pull parts off. You will likely need to use a spanner wrench, hammer, flat screwdriver, socket set and ratchet for this undertaking. Wear gloves while you work so your hands are protected.


How to Remove a Washing Machine Drum

Inside the drum of a basic top-loading washing machine are two tubs. The inner tub is the washer basket, while the outer tub is the actual drum.

The back of the machine holds and supports part of this drum, so carefully unscrew the bolts from the back side to lift the top panel. Once the top panel is gone, you'll see some clips that connect the inner and outer tubs together. Use a flat screwdriver to unhook these clips, which should loosen the top ring holding the washer basket's locking tabs.


Next, remove the impeller that helps the tub spin. It's located in the bottom center and is likely covered with a plastic cap. When you take the cap off, use a bolt remover to unscrew and loosen the impeller. Some machines might have an agitator instead of an impeller. Agitators are longer and have obvious spindles.

Now, with the impeller or agitator off, take out the spanner nut using a wrench and hammer and then carefully pull the basket off the tub. You can now clean the basket and remove any of the objects stuck in the drum.


Putting the Drum Back Together

Position the washer basket properly on its shaft before tightening the spanner nut. Next, put the impeller back in its slot. According to Whirlpool, you will need to reapply a Threadlocker Blue 242 adhesive before setting the impeller so that it won't spin the washer basket out of place.


Next, place the tub ring after the impeller has been secured, and then lock these down with the clips. Finally, lower the top panel and tighten all the areas that have screws.

These tips might also work on a Maytag or Kenmore washer spin basket or a Samsung top-load washer disassembly since these machines operate the same way and have a similar system.


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