How to Fix an Overloaded Washing Machine

When a washing machine is overloaded, not only does it cause damage to the washer itself, but it also prevents your clothes from getting clean. The telltale sign of an overloaded washer is the loud banging of the drum or tub, during the spin cycle. If you don't correct your overloaded washing machine problem, it will lead to damage to the the washer's agitator, motor or transmission. When this happens, the only choices you have are to pay for expensive repairs or buy a new washer.

Step 1

Check the load size. A common problem with an overloaded wash is the load setting is incorrect. If you are washing a large load, be sure the washer is set to large, and not small or medium.

Step 2

Rearrange the clothes. After you turn the washer off, move the clothes evenly throughout the tub inside the washer. This distributes the weight of the clothing and prevents the washer overload.

Step 3

Restart the washer. Stay close to make sure the washing machine is not still overloaded and the tub inside the washer does not begin to bang again. If it does, turn the washer off again.

Step 4

Remove clothes. If rearranging the clothes did not fix the problem, then you simply have too many clothes in the washer. Taking a few items out will alleviate the problem.