How to Bypass a Kenmore Lid Switch

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The lid switch on your Kenmore washer completes the electrical circuit when the lid is closed. When your washer will not operate, you need to troubleshoot the lid switch before investigating other possible causes. The best way to test the lid switch is with a volt-ohm meter. If you do not have a volt-ohm meter, you can bypass the lid switch using a jumper wire to simulate the connection to the washer wiring harness.


Step 1

Unplug the Kenmore washer power cord from the wall outlet. Find the two screws securing the control panel to the top of the washer. There is one screw on the lower front of each end cap of the panel. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

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Step 2

Lift the front of the control panel up and rotate it toward the rear wall. The panel has hinges on the back that allow it to rest in a service position.


Step 3

Locate the lid switch wiring harness on the rear of the top panel. Grasp the wiring harness connector with your fingers and pull it away from the lid switch plug.

Step 4

Strip a 1/4-inch of insulation from each end of your jumper wire with a pair of wire strippers. Plug the washer power cord into the wall outlet.


Step 5

Insert each end into the outer plug connections on the wiring harness. Do not insert either end into the center plug hole. If the washer operates, the lid switch is faulty. If the washer does not operate, further testing is necessary to find out what is causing the problem.



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