How to Bypass a Washer Lid Top on a GE Washer

Like many washing machines, GE-made washing machines have a safety feature that prevents the washer from running with the lid open. This is done to reduce the risk of water spillage, damage to the components or injury to the user. This feature can be disabled for testing purposes only. This allows you to inspect the inside of the washer while it is running to verify that parts like the agitator are functioning properly.

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Lid safety features should not be disabled for regular use.

Step 1

Disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet. Verify that the washer is turned off.

Step 2

Remove the four screws on the top of the control panel. Tilt the control panel forward to expose the inside wiring.

Step 3

Make a jumper cable wire. Take a small piece of electrical wire and bend it into a "U" shape. Solder the tips of the wire with a soldering gun.

Step 4

Locate the lid switch wire harness in the right side of the control panel housing. The wire harness is an off-white color with multiple colored wires coming from it.

Step 5

Grasp each end of the wire harness and pull gently to separate the two sections.

Step 6

Insert the tips of the "U" shaped jumper cable into the two holes on the inside of the left piece of the wire harness.

Step 7

Wrap electrical tape around the harness and jumper cable to insulate the connection.

Step 8

Flip the control panel back up and replace the four screws. Plug the washing machine back in.

Step 9

Set the washer to a full cycle and turn the dial to "Start." Open the lid and the washer will now operate with the lid open.