How to Carry a Washer & Dryer Up a Steep Flight of Stairs

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Whether you live in a third-floor walkup or you have an upper level laundry room, moving a washer and dryer upstairs requires a bit of strategy. Washers and dryers aren't exceptionally heavy, but when you want to move them up a steep flight of stairs, it can seem as if they weigh a ton. The main concern when moving a washer and dryer (or moving any other appliance) is your physical safety, followed by the care of the appliances. By following a few simple guidelines and moving only one appliance at a time, you can be sure to not have any moving mishaps.


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How to Move a Washer and Dryer Up a Flight of Stairs

Step 1: Find an appliance utility cart

Unlike a small "hand truck," an appliance cart has a wider frame, large wheels and an adjustable strap for securing the appliance to the cart. You can rent an appliance cart from an equipment rental business or buy one from a home and building center. For specific details on how to operate your cart, ready your user's guide or ask for direction from the store clerk.


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You can purchase a second strap to use with your utility cart if you feel that added support is necessary. You can find the straps in most hardware stores or building centers.

Step 2: Clear and clean the appliances

Remove any peripheral attachments to the machine, such as water hoses or vent hoses. Secure the electric cords in place with cable ties so they do not get in the way when moving. If your appliances are used, you want to make sure there are no bug or rodent nests lodged inside them. After all, you don't want to move unwanted creatures into your laundry room with the appliances.

Step 3: Protect the appliance

Place a small throw blanket over the side of the appliance that will be placed against the utility cart. This will protect it from getting dings or chips in the paint.


Step 4: Get your appliance in moving position

Slide the utility cart bottom lift under your washer. Wrap the strap around the center of the washer and tighten with the ratchet handle on the appliance cart.

Step 5: Approach the stairs

Move the appliance cart with the washer to the bottom of the stairs, with the handle and the wheels against the stairs.


Step 6: Move one step at a time

Go up two or three steps, and tip the appliance cart toward you while your moving partner, or partners, lift up on the side of the appliance that is touching the appliance cart from the bottom. Instruct the helpers to lift by bending their knees and not by bending over with their back. Move slowly and steadily up the stairs, progressing up one step at a time. If someone needs to rest, you all should stop together.

Step 7: Rest and repeat

Position the washer into place and then repeat the process for the dryer.




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