What Do the Pre-Soak & Pre-Wash Cycles Do on My Kenmore Heavy Duty Series 70 Washing Machine?

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Learn how to get the maximum cleaning power from your Kenmore Series 70 washing machine.

Kenmore Heavy Duty Series 70 washing machines are perfect for large families, especially those with young children, thanks to the appliance's extra functions for heavily soiled clothes, including prewash and presoak. Learning to use these features ensures you always get the best out of your appliance and always end up with clean clothes. Adding a "Prewash" or "Presoak" portion to your cycle via the cycle selector control knob is straightforward and only takes a few seconds.


Select "Prewash" using the cycle selector dial to add an extra four minutes of agitation to each wash cycle. This extra cleaning time helps remove stains like ketchup, cream, milk and ice cream and should be followed by an "Ultra Clean" or "Permanent Press" cycle with extra detergent for best results.


Turn the cycle selector dial to "Presoak" to add an extra 30-minute soak to the beginning of the cleaning cycle. Selecting a cold-water wash using the "Water Temperature" dial in addition to a pre-soak helps to remove blood and grass stains from clothing.


The prewash or presoak features boost the machine's ability to remove stubborn and ground-in stains from fabrics. Used in conjunction with the washing machine's other functions, reducing the amount of effort needed to effectively clean clothes, giving you time to concentrate on more absorbing activities.


"Prewash" and "Presoak" may not be suitable for certain fabrics and could lead to shrinkage or other types of damage. The features also use extra detergent and prolong the length of each cycle, which is not good if you are in a hurry. Check your clothing label for cleaning instructions to see if your garment is suitable for soaking or heavy washing. See Resources if you need help deciphering the care symbols.

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