How to Stop a Washer

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Stopping your washing machine lets you change the cycle or remove items.

Stopping a running washing machine is not always straightforward, but if you accidentally add a delicate wool sweater to a hot-water wash, it must be done. Stopping your washing machine lets you open the door and remove items from the cycle. How you stop your washing machine varies by model and manufacturer, and your washer may take several minutes to unlock the door after you decide to cancel the cycle.


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Step 1

Press the "Start/Pause" button and wait a few minutes; the washing machine safely drains away any water in the drum and unlocks the door. Add or remove an item or make changes to the cycle, close the door and press the "Start/Pause" button a second time to resume the cycle.

Step 2

Turn the dial cycle to the "0" or "OFF" mark that indicates the end of the cycle; the appliance drains any water and unlocks the door, letting you make adjustments or rescue a stray item in the drum. The cycle doesn't resume when you close the door. Re-enter your cleaning instructions if you still need to wash your clothes.


Step 3

Pull the washing machine's plug in an emergency, disconnecting the power supply. The appliance stops immediately, although it may not drain and could spill water if you open the door. This approach is useful if the appliance begins to seriously malfunction.



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