How to Remove the Dispenser Panel in an LG Fridge

Many LG refrigerators have a ice and water dispenser installed on the front of the freezer door, or on the front of the refrigerator door if you have a french-door model. The dispenser is secured to the refrigerator using several screws, which are covered by a decorative panel. The decorative panel is made of plastic and snaps onto the front of the dispenser. Before performing repairs to the dispenser housing itself, you must remove the decorative panel, which must be handled with care to ensure that it doesn't crack.

Step 1

Grasp the drip tray, located at the bottom of the dispenser housing, with one hand and pull it away from the dispenser to remove. Set the drip tray aside.

Step 2

Look on the underside of the front panel for the screwdriver slot on the right side of the bottom of the panel.

Step 3

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the screwdriver slot, and pry the panel away from the refrigerator. Use care to avoid damaging the refrigerator's finish.

Step 4

Continue to pull the panel away from the refrigerator until it is completely removed.

Step 5

Disconnect the wire connector connected to the rear of the control panel, on the top of the panel, and then set the panel aside to begin making repairs to the dispenser.