How to Remove the Dispenser Panel in an LG Fridge

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There might be several reasons that you want to remove your dispenser panel.
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You may be considering an LG refrigerator control panel replacement if, for example, the ice and water dispenser isn't properly working. But before you remove the dispenser's cover panel to access the workings inside, consider a shorter and easier route to diagnose the problem. By ticking off a short list of quick and easy troubleshooting tips, you may be able to eliminate the need for tackling the bigger job of repairing or replacing the dispenser.


LG Refrigerator Dispenser Not Working

The appeal and convenience of having an LG refrigerator dispenser located on the outside of your fridge can quickly disappear if you press the dispenser arm and your glass remains empty. Trying to fill your glass, while also looking inside the fridge for a snack, is a multitasking dead-end. An LG dispenser will not operate if either refrigerator door is open.


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You'll also be holding an empty glass under the dispenser if the dispenser control panel is locked. According to LG Electronics, simply press and hold the Door Alarm button for three seconds to disable the lock and enable the dispenser to work.

Ice Won't Dispense

After the ice maker makes ice, it sends the ice to the dispenser through a delivery chute and keeps the extra cubes in the ice bin. When the ice bin is empty, there's no ice to send to the dispenser. After the ice supply is exhausted, it takes 90 minutes for the first ice cubes to make their way to the dispenser and about 24 hours to refill the ice bin.


The delivery chute may become clogged with ice fragments or frost, causing the dispenser not to work. Open the freezer door and remove the ice bin. Using a plastic or wooden utensil, clear the ice delivery chute and replace the ice bin. Choosing the cubed ice option typically helps prevent ice fragments or frost from clogging the delivery chute.

The ice may clump together if you don't use the ice dispenser very often, which prevents the ice from properly dispensing. Take a peek in the ice bin to see if the ice cubes are stuck together. If they are, break them up so that they'll be able to pass through the dispenser into your glass.


Water Won't Dispense

If water is not properly dispensing, check to make sure the water supply valve is fully opened. If you've had recent plumbing work or refrigerator maintenance/repair performed, the valve may not have been fully turned on after the work was completed. And if the water supply line becomes kinked, which can happen if your refrigerator was recently moved for cleaning underneath or behind it, the water cannot flow through the supply line to the ice maker and dispenser.


If you hear the dispenser humming, but no water is coming out, remove the water filter and try to dispense water from your refrigerator without the filter. If water is dispensed, it's time to change the filter.

LG Refrigerator Dispenser Cover Removal

LG issues cautions to refrigerator owners for their safety as well as for ensuring that the fridge warranty is not compromised by unauthorized tasks. For example, if the LG refrigerator control board fuse needs replacing or the appliance needs an LG refrigerator motherboard reset, these are tasks best left to skilled refrigerator technicians. LG also cautions refrigerator owners never to remove the dispenser cover.


An LG dispenser is attached to the refrigerator with screws and covered by a panel covering. It's okay for you to remove the drip tray for cleaning by pulling it from the base of the dispenser, but only a qualified LG technician should remove the panel and dispenser. The technician will use a flathead screwdriver or putty knife to pry the panel from the dispenser, a task that could damage the finish to the refrigerator if performed by an unskilled person.



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