Troubleshooting a Sub Zero Ice Maker

Sub-Zero ice makers are restaurant-quality units designed for home use. They are known for their quality and reliability, but as with every appliance sometimes things can go wrong. Luckily, there are some simple troubleshooting procedures that can be followed at home to discover the problem with your unit and avoid an expensive service call. As always, if you cannot determine the problem with your unit or are unsure how to safely fix it, don't hesitate to call a repair person.

Step 1

Check the cord, power setting and circuit breaker if the ice maker does not operate. Make sure the Sub-Zero ice maker is plugged in and turned on. Check the circuit breaker and reset it if necessary. Make sure the unit is located in a room with a temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If this does not solve the problem, have the bin thermostat or timer replaced.

Step 2

Decrease the cube size if the Sub-Zero ice cubes are too large. Open the door and turn the cube size control down. If this does not help, remove the control box cover, locate the adjustment screw and turn it one-quarter turn counter-clockwise. The next batch of ice cubes should be smaller.

Step 3

Increase the cube size if the Sub-Zero ice cubes are too small. Adjust the cube size with the size control knob. If this does not work, take off the control box cover as described above. Turn the cube size adjustment screw clockwise one-quarter turn. If this does not increase cube size, check the water supply and water inlet valve. Make sure there is enough water in the unit and that the filter and water inlet valve are not being obstructed. Remove any obstructions if necessary.

Step 4

Clean the Sub-Zero ice maker with ice maker cleaner if cubes are partially formed, misshapen or are white at the bottom. Pour 4 oz. of ice maker cleaner into the reservoir, turn the unit on and let it run for two hours. Pour hot water into the ice bin and let it melt the ice that has accumulated. Remove scale from the inside of the bin with a solution of ice cleaner and hot water.

Step 5

Open the unit's door, remove the control box cover and check the filter and inlet valves for obstructions if the ice cubes are white and soft on the bottom. If there are no obstructions, examine the reservoir for leaks. If the reservoir is leaking, call a repair person.

Step 6

Clean the condenser if the Sub-Zero ice maker operates but the bin does not fill with ice. If the bin does not fill within 36 hours, clean the condenser. Open the door and remove the grill at the bottom front of the freezer. Vacuum any dust, lint or debris from the condenser. Make sure nothing is obstructing the area near the grill. Remove any obstructions and replace the grill.

Step 7

Check airflow if the Sub-Zero unit makes ice, but ice does not accumulate in the bin. Open the door, remove the control box cover and examine the fan to make sure it is running. Check the blades for breakage. If the fan is not running or blades are broken, have the fan replaced.

Step 8

Call a Sub-Zero service center for assistance if you still cannot resolve the issues with your ice maker. You may have a more complicated issue that requires professional assistance. Have your model number ready when you contact the company.