Why a LG Refrigerator Won't Make Ice

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There could be several reasons that your ice maker isn't working.
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For an LG refrigerator not making ice, there are a number of troubleshooting tips that anyone can follow first, before immediately scheduling an appointment with a repair technician. And you don't even have to be an experienced do-it-yourselfer to perform a cursory check on the most common reasons for an LG ice maker not working. If you're able to diagnose the problem, you'll be doubly relieved that many of the solutions are simple adjustments that you can make yourself.


LG Ice Maker Not Working

A newly installed LG refrigerator won't start making ice for about 24 hours. This time frame allows the refrigerator's cooling mechanism to bring the temperature down to safe levels for preserving food as well as allowing the freezer to produce ice. When you first plug in your LG refrigerator-freezer, the freezer must reach and maintain a temperature of a minimum of 19 degrees F before the ice maker kicks in and begins its freezing cycle. Once it starts making ice, the ice maker requires an additional 24 hours before it can fill the ice bin to its approximate 100-cube capacity.


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Three Easy Things to Check

Even though the ice maker will begin making ice when the freezer reaches a temperature of 19 degrees F, LG recommends a minimum temperature setting of -4 degrees F for maximum ice production. If you set the thermostat any higher than -4 degrees F, the ice maker will still produce ice, but it will make it at a slower rate.


Check to make sure that the bail arm is in the "down" position. If it's in the raised position, this signals the ice maker to stop making ice. When you're placing items in your freezer, it's possible for one of the items to brush against the raised arm and inadvertently lower it.

An ice maker or LG refrigerator ice dispenser not working may happen when ice cubes become lodged in the ice maker blades, which can stop ice production. All you have to do to resolve this problem is to remove any ice cubes that are stuck in these blades.


Ice Maker Water Supply Issues

The water supply line from your home's plumbing to your refrigerator must be properly connected and the water valve turned on for water to reach the ice maker. If your ice maker won't make ice soon after you've had plumbing work done, it may be because the plumber had to turn off the water valve to do this work, and he simply forgot to turn it back on. Or, if your LG refrigerator is newly installed, the installation technician may have forgotten to turn on the water valve after connecting the water supply line.


While you're checking the valve to see if it's turned off, look at the water supply line. If it's twisted or kinked, water flow is restricted as it moves from the supply line to the ice maker, which means ice production is slower or completely halted.

Clogged Ice Maker Water Filter

A dirty water filter in your ice maker becomes clogged because of debris and mineral deposits from some sources of water. When the filter is clogged, it prevents water from freely flowing to the ice maker. LG recommends replacing the water filter in your refrigerator at least every six months. To ensure that you do not void your warranty, only use LG-approved water filters. You'll also void your warranty if filters are older than six months.



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