How to Fix Low Refrigerator Water Pressure

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Low water pressure may cause your refrigerator to dispense water improperly.

A sure sign your refrigerator has low water pressure comes when you try to fill up a glass with water through the refrigerator's water dispenser, and instead of finding a steady stream of water, the water drips or leaks from the dispenser. There are a handful of measures you can take to fix low water pressure in your refrigerator. Most of these repairs are simple and only take a few minutes.

Step 1

Test the supply line to determine whether it is, in fact, low on water pressure. Hold a cup under the water dispenser on the refrigerator for exactly five seconds. Then measure the amount of water in the cup. Your water line should be able to deliver about 9 ounces in 5 seconds. If you have less than 9 ounces in your cup, you have low water pressure.

Step 2

Flush the water system by using a sturdy container to depress and hold in the water dispenser lever for five seconds, then release the dispenser lever for five seconds. Continue this process multiple times until the water begins to flow from the dispenser. When water begins to flow, continue to let the water run for five seconds, then rest for five seconds until you have dispensed about 3 gallons from the refrigerator. This cleans air out of a system that may have made it difficult for the water to flow as it should.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Reset" button on some models of refrigerators if there has been a power failure of more than one hour. Some refrigerators' water supplies shut off after the power is off for an extended period. This may be indicated by a code in the refrigerator's display panel.

Step 4

Access the shutoff valve at the wall, and turn it to make sure that it is mostly or fully open. Turn the shutoff valve clockwise to increase water flow through the water line.

Step 5

Turn or press on the refrigerator's water filter to ensure that it is securely in place. A filter that is out of place may cause a partial blockage of water as it flows through the water line. By the time the water reaches the dispenser, it is not flowing as quickly as it should.

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