What Does the Ultra Ice Option Do on a Sears Kenmore Refrigerator?

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The ultra ice option on your refrigerator produces ice faster.
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If you need to boost your fridge's ice production because you're expecting guests, filling coolers or wanting to churn homemade ice cream, some Sears models, such as the Kenmore Elite refrigerator, can rise to the task. By using the "ultra ice" feature, you'll be able to produce more ice in a shorter period simply by pressing a button. And you can also skip the cost and inconvenience of having to buy bagged ice.


Kenmore Ultra Ice Feature

When you select the ultra ice feature, the temperature in your freezer compartment drops and the cold air becomes colder. And when the cold air increases, water can freeze more quickly, which enables the ice maker to ramp up its normal ice production. As long as you have a heads-up that you'll need more ice, such as guests arriving for a party, you can start making more ice by using the ultra ice feature several days ahead of your event.


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Using the Ultra Ice Feature

The ultra ice button is located on the Kenmore refrigerator's control panel. Simply touch this button to activate the increased production of ice. When you touch the button, the ultra ice graphic is displayed on the control panel and the message "Processing Ultra Ice ..." is displayed on the screen to let you know that the feature has been activated.


Because the control display is touch-activated, you'll want to keep this display clean and dry. If there's moisture on the control display from wet fingers, the ultra ice feature may not engage.

Ultra Ice Button Automatic Shutoff

The ultra ice feature automatically shuts off after 24 hours. If you don't need it to make ice for that long, you can simply touch the ultra ice button again. This will initiate a Kenmore ice maker reset, shutting off the ultra ice feature and defaulting to normal ice production again. If, however, you need to continue making ice beyond this 24-hour period, you only need to touch the ultra ice button again after it shuts off to reactivate this feature.


Extra Ice Storage

When you're using the ultra ice feature, you'll want to keep an eye on the ice container. When it's full, empty it into plastic bags that you can store in the freezer or empty the ice directly in an ice chest. If you have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator with an extra ice bin, you can store the surplus ice there.


Another Use for the Ultra Ice Button

If you have a brand-new refrigerator with a Kenmore ice maker that's not working, it may still be programmed on "demo mode." This selection is what many stores use to deactivate all cooling features of a refrigerator for conserving energy while the refrigerator is on display. When demo mode is activated, "OFF" will appear on the display panel.


To deactivate demo mode and allow the appliance to cool, first open either refrigerator door. Press and hold the Refrigerator Temp and Ultra Ice buttons simultaneously for five seconds. When the demo mode is successfully deactivated, the control panel beeps and the temperature settings are displayed.



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