Miele Cook Top Operating Instructions

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Make sure that the bottoms of your pots and pans are clean before placing on a Miele cook top. Do not used cookware with a ridged bottom.

Never use abrasives to clean your Miele cook top.

A Miele cook top provides an even, stable cooking surface. These cook tops are made of glass and ceramic, conducting heat evenly for level cooking temperatures throughout the food. These cook tops come with adjustable heating zones that allow you to deliver a precise amount of heat for your pans. When switching to a Miele cook top from a gas or electric cook top, there are several important differences to note.

Step 1

Clean the cook top with a damp cloth before use. This removes any dust and debris that has collected, which can affect how well your cook top performs.

Step 2

Turn on the cook top. Touch the "On/Off" switch located on the control panel. The cook top display will now show that the burners are ready to use.

Step 3

Press the "On/Off" switch of the burner that you wish to use, then use the arrow keys to select a heat setting between "1" for low and "12" for high.

Step 4

Turn on the extended cooking zone, if desired. Press the "+" and "-" controls simultaneously until the display reads "0," then use the arrow keys to select a heat setting.

Step 5

Press the "On/Off" control for the burner when you are finished cooking. The residual heat light will stay lit until the burner has cooled completely. Once the burner is completely cool, shut off the cook top by pressing the "On/Off" control.


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