How to Disable a Built-in Frigidaire Freezer Alarm

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Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers generally come with three built-in alarms. These alarms tell you if the door stays open, the temperature inside the appliance rises to unsafe levels or the unit has experienced a power failure. There is no denying that these audible tones can create an annoyance, but they all exist to ensure that the food you eat stays safely cooled. Disabling them is something you shouldn't do and may not have the ability to do. On some upright freezer models, there is a switch behind the toe kick plate on the right side of the machine that allows you to switch the alarms off. Not all units have this option. You can still stop the alarms when they sound by fixing the problem that caused them or pressing the "set" or "alarm reset" button on your unit. On upright refrigerators and freezers, you'll find this button on the top right side of the control panel on the front of the unit. On chest freezers, the control panel is on the front or top of the unit.

How to Disable a Built-in Frigidaire Freezer Alarm
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Door Ajar

Frigidaire freezers and refrigerators sound an alarm if the door stays open for more than five minutes. When it sounds, the unit's display will tell you that the door is open, so you know which alarm is beeping. To stop the alarm, press the "set' or "alarm reset key" once. Closing the door also silences the alarm. If the door fails to close properly after the alarm sounds, investigate the reason. Check the rubber seals around the door and replace them if they are deteriorating. If the rubber is greasy or filmy, wash it with warm soapy water. Verify that your appliance is level, as well, and adjust the leveling screws on the back of the unit if it's not.

High Temperature

Your Frigidaire refrigerator or freezer allows you to set the temperature at which you wish to store your food. If a power outage or other malfunction increases the internal temperature of the appliance to an unsafe level, the high-temperature alarm will sound. Depending on your specific Frigidaire model, this alarm will sound after 20 minutes or an hour of high temperatures. When it does, your refrigerator or freezer will put itself into a special mode and try to maintain colder temperatures until you can address the issue. To turn off the alarm, press the "alarm reset" or "set" button.

If you have recently experienced a power outage, resetting the alarm and giving the appliance some time to cool down will likely resolve the problem. If it doesn't, call a repair person to service your appliance. If he or she can't reach you in a few hours, consider moving your food to a friend's or neighbor's freezer to keep it cold. Never refreeze meat that has thawed as it may contain bacteria. When in doubt, throw away any food you think may be too warm.

Power Failure

If you're home when the power goes out, you'll likely be aware that there was a problem. If, however, you are asleep or away from home, you may not know there was an issue. Your Frigidaire refrigerator or freezer will sound an alarm when the power comes back on to let you know there was a problem. The power failure alarm will only sound if the power outage lasted longer than one hour, or if the temperature inside the refrigerator or freezer is 10 degrees higher than normal. It's common for the power failure alarm and high temperature alarm to both sound after a power outage. You can silence both by pressing the "set" or "alarm reset" key.

Some Frigidaire models display a number when the power failure alarm sounds. This number tells you how many hours your appliance was without power. The maximum number the unit can display is 36 hours. Usually your appliance will begin operating normally and cool itself back down after a power outage. It's important, however, to check for and dispose of any spoiled food if the power outage lasted more than a few hours. If the appliance struggles to lower the temperatures after an outage, have a technician check the unit to make sure it doesn't have damage from an electrical surge when the power returned.

Why Is It Still Beeping

If you have attempted to reset the alarm on your Frigidaire appliance and fix the problem, but the unit is still beeping, you might need to call in a repair person to figure out why. It's possible the alarm is malfunctioning or that the "set" or "alarm reset" buttons aren't working, First, however, try completely resetting your appliance. In the modern age, you can fix a surprisingly large number of technical glitches simply by turning a device off and back on again. Unplug your appliance or cut power to it by flipping the appropriate circuit breaker. Wait at least 10 minutes before restoring power to the unit. Hopefully, this hard reset will stop the alarm or allow you to dismiss it. If not, call a pro for help.


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