How to Attach the Hose and Tools on a Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum

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The Bissell PowerForce Bagless vacuum is a versatile cleaning system that can handle the toughest floor jobs as well as any above-floor vacuum. Thanks to the hoses, tools and accessories on the Bissell PowerForce Bagless vacuum, housecleaning can take less time because you've got all the right equipment.


Step 1

Raise the vacuum handle to lock upright.

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Step 2

Note the hose snaking around the back, complete with handle. It is permanently attached on the left side, but the right side can be removed. Grab the hose by the handle and lift it straight up. It will separate from the suction intake opening on the right side of the vacuum.

Step 3

Attach the extension wand to the hose opening. The extension wand can help you get a longer reach for several household tasks, such as vacuuming curtains or getting cobwebs out of corners. Find the extension wand in the fitted groove on the right side of the vacuum body.


Step 4

Select the tool head you want and attach it to the end of the extension wand. The tool heads can be found attached to the back of the vacuum, under the hose. Choose the brush side of the cleaning tool for dusting, especially wood furniture, shelves, baseboards and lamps. Use the flat upholstery side for drapes, soft cushions and stairs. You can also use the crevice tool to get up against the wall where carpets and baseboards meet.

Step 5

Press the chosen tool head onto the extension wand. The piece should fit snugly. Press the tool head onto the wand until you meet resistance and it will not move any further.


Step 6

When you are finished using the hose, wand and tools, restore them to their holders on the body of the vacuum. Don't forget to put the hose end back into the suction intake opening.



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