How to Attach the Hose and Tools on a Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum

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As far as upright vacuums go, the Bissell PowerForce bagless vacuum provides an excellent floor clean without the cost of replacing the dust bag. But what about when you need suction power on any above-ground surface? The Bissell power force Helix attachments come with the vacuum and are easy to locate and install.


PowerForce Bagless Attachments

Whether you have the older, discontinued PowerForce 6583 series model or the newer PowerForce Helix, the attachment accessories remain the same. These attachments can help you remove dust that would otherwise be out of reach:

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  • Crevice tool.
  • Dusting brush.
  • Hose.
  • Extension wand.


The 6583 has the crevice tool located on the side of the appliance just above the extension wand, and the dusting brush is in the back center. The Helix model has this setup reversed, with the extension wand and crevice tool in the center and the dusting brush on the side.

Attaching the Hose and Tools

Upon installation, you'll need to attach the end of the hose to the back of the vacuum and twist to lock it in place. Then connect the other end of the hose to the bottom-right side of the vacuum above the wheel and apply slight pressure until sealed. This is the end you'll pull from to use the hose for above-floor cleaning.


The extension tool, crevice wand, and dusting brush simply pop into the premolded cutouts on the machine.

Using the PowerForce Hose

First, make sure the vacuum is in the upright position. Pull the hose from its base at the bottom right side until it detaches. Depress the Bissell's power button with your foot and you'll feel the air suctioning through the open end of the hose.


You can, of course, use the open hose as a tool by itself for a quick vacuum of an above-ground surface. While this will get the job done, all of the other accessories attach to the end of the hose for more precise cleaning.

Using the PowerForce Attachments

Each Bissell tool makes it easy to clean a specific area of your home. The extension wand makes it possible to reach high places, like ceiling fans and door frames, without the need for a step stool. Conversely, it can also make cleaning baseboards a breeze without requiring you to hunch over.


Just as the extension wand pops into the hose, the crevice tool pops into the end of the extension wand. Building your tool attachments this way makes it possible to get concentrated suction and reach small areas that otherwise couldn't be cleaned.

The dusting brush also fits right into the hose or the extension wand. This accessory helps to dredge up dust from upholstery surfaces, like the curtains, couches, or pillows.



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