How to Find a Model Number on a Magic Chef Oven

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Is the heating element of your Magic Chef oven staying cool to the touch even when on? Is the self-clean feature malfunctioning? Whenever any part of your Magic Chef oven is on the fritz, there's a surefire way to find the exact part you need: by searching your appliance's model number.


From the Magic Chef classic oven models to the modern Magic Chef oven parts, the model number is key to identifying every screw, bulb, and bracket type. The trick is finding out where this important mix of numbers and letters is located.

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Check Your Owner's Manual

It's easy to end up with a binder full of appliance manuals that get stuffed to the back of the junk drawer, never to be seen again. If you happen to find your Magic Chef owner's manual, you'll find your model number on either the cover or the first page. This is by far the easiest way to access a Magic Chef model number and will save you from hunting around the inner and outer parts of your stove looking for it.


For people who are particularly thorough, you can also cross-check the number printed on your owner's manual with the number printed on the Magic Chef oven to make sure they match.

Identify Your Magic Chef Stove Model

So, if the owner's manual didn't turn up, it's time to limber up and look around the Magic Chef stove top or oven unit. There are close to 4,500 Magic Chef stove models as well as oven and range models, and the model number may not be in the same place for any two given models, so be prepared to do a thorough search.


You can identify your model number in one of these areas:

  • Beneath the cooktop (lift the cooktop from the front corners and brackets should pop into place to keep it lifted while you identify the model number).

  • Underneath one of the surface burners.

  • On the side of the unit near the bottom edge.

  • On the back.

  • In the door jamb, which is only visible when you open the oven door.

  • In the door jamb of the bottom drawer, again only visible when you pull out the drawer..


After You Identify the Model Number

As soon as you locate your model number, write it down and store it with your important documents to save yourself from hunting for it in the future, which can be tedious if you have to pull out your unit. Better yet, take a picture with your phone and save it in an album or document file so it's always on hand.


If you found your model number on the unit but were dismayed to find it illegible or damaged, there's still hope. You can call the Magic Chef customer service team at 1-800-269-2609. With a little detective work from the experts, you should be able to figure out that combination of letters and numbers that identifies your appliance.



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