How to Find a Model Number on a Magic Chef Oven

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Something happened to your Magic Chef oven and you need a part replaced. To order a new part you need to supply model number of your oven when ordering. The model number is located on a small metal plate on the oven; the sticker also includes the serial number, series number and other manufacturer information. The model number can be identified by a series of numbers or a mix of letters and numbers.


Step 1

Open the oven door. At the top, left-hand corner of the open oven, locate the model number tag.

Step 2

Check under the burners. Lift each burner on the stove off to see if the plate is underneath. Do this if the plate is not located on the inside of the oven.

Step 3

Write the model number down on a piece of paper to remember. It will say "Model No." under the model number.


Step 1

Lift the burner box top. The stove burners are set on one frame that is the whole top part of the stove. That entire piece lifts up to reveal the burners underneath. The tag will be in the center.

Step 2

Check the broiler drawer. Open the broiler drawer at the bottom of the oven. On the right side of the open drawer you will see the tag. Do this if the stove top is not removable.

Step 3

Copy the model number on a piece of paper for future use.


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