The Turbochef Oven Repair Codes

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The repair codes help you know what is wrong with your oven.
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Imagine crisp French fries in a minute or a bubbling lasagna, made from scratch, cooked to perfection in less than 20 minutes. The TurboChef line of high-speed ovens can speed up cooking time for any favored dish that home cooks want to get from fridge to table quickly.


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Known for their speedy delivery of appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches and finger goods, the TurboChef is often found in restaurants, sandwich shops and food trucks. Amateur chefs find it highly useful in a busy home kitchen as well. When the appliance displays error codes on its control screen, it can be highly irritating. However, TurboChef error codes are put in place to help you discern small issues before they become big repairs and even bigger headaches.

How the TurboChef Works

The TurboChef is designed to cook food quickly, up to 10 to 12 times faster than other cooking appliances. Each model of the high-end appliance offers different features.


Generally, the TurboChef ovens are preferred by chefs for their ability to cook dishes at a high rate. The rapid cook technology combines a microwave assist, radiant heat and hot air jets pointed perfectly at the bubbling dish inside of the oven.

The radiant heat warms the interior walls by using the heated elements situated above and below, providing a convection oven atmosphere inside of the appliance.

Common Cause for Error Codes

The flash of an error code shouldn't cause panic if you know what to do. Common TurboChef error codes can typically be fixed by checking the power supply. Check the power supply at the wall to make sure it hasn't wiggled free from the electrical outlet. If the plug is snug in the outlet, then check the power supply at the circuit breaker. The switch can get flipped and need to be reset.


According to Parts Town, if neither of these remedies worked, then the appliance will need to be unplugged. Pull the power cord from the outlet. After two minutes, switch on the isolator and then the main power supply. When the TurboChef powers up, select menu and set the temperature.

If none of these works, then you will need to call a professional to inspect the TurboChef's parts and repair anything out of order. A professional can quickly repair the appliance and save you money on having to replace the entire unit.

TurboChef Error Codes

A blower that is running incorrectly will present an error code of F1. Unplug the unit for a few minutes and reset the machine.


The F2 error code on the TurboChef is possibly caused by a cooking temperature that is too low. Check the air nozzles located at the top and bottom of the interior of the oven. Clean them out if they are clogged to fix the F2 error code. If the F2 error code continues to flash, then open and close the oven door to assess the alignment. The gaskets and hinges may need replacing or repairing if the door does not align and seal properly.

An F3 error code means that the microwave circuit is more than likely defective and needs servicing. According to TurboChef, an F4 error code is a faulty door monitor or the emergency stop key has been pressed.