Turbochef, a manufacturer of home kitchen appliances, is one of the most recognizable names in the industry. As with all appliances, however, these ovens aren't perfect, and may experience electrical or mechanical errors. These errors are broadcast on the oven's display screen in a self-diagnosis process, alerting you of the exact problem at hand.


This error, referred to as the "Blower Running Status Bad" error, typically occurs when the oven's power supply is interrupted. This is fixable by resetting your circuit breaker or by turning your oven off, unplugging it and then plugging it back in two minutes later.


The F2 error is also known as the "Cook Temperature Low" error. There are several possible causes for this issue, including the interruption of the oven's power supply, clogged air nozzles, a defective heater or blower, or a misaligned oven door. Verify that your circuit breaker is functioning properly, ensure the top and bottom air nozzles of the cooking cavity are not clogged and ensure that the oven door closes properly. Resetting the high limit, which is located in the bottom left-hand corner near the back, may fix a defective heater, but you will need to contact customer service for a malfunctioning blower.


Also known as the "Magnetron Current Low" error, the F3 error indicates a defective microwave circuit within the oven. This is unfixable by consumers, so you must contact customer support to fix the issue.


The F4 error is also referred to as the "Door Monitor Defective" error, which indicates the misalignment of the oven's door switches. Contact customer support to fix this issue.


This error, also known as the "Magnetron Over Temperature" error, indicates either a clog in the rear cooling fan's guard or a blockage of cool airflow into the oven. Ensure the rear cooling fans and their guards are clean, and remove any obstructions that may be impeding airflow into the oven.


Also known as the "EC Temp" error, this code indicates an air circulation problem. Verify that the oven's rear cooling fans are free of debris and that there are no obstacles blocking airflow into the oven.


The F8 error is also known as the "Heat Low Fault" error. This may be fixable by resetting the high-limit, which is done by pressing the button located in the rear of the oven in the left-hand corner. If this does not solve the issue, contact customer support.