How to Relight a Pilot Light on a Gas Fireplace

A gas-burning fireplace can give a room ambiance and provide warmth on a chilly day. Gas-burning fireplaces have a pilot light--a small flame that remains lit to provide an ignition point for the flames of the unit. The pilot light may accidentally go out from a gush of chimney air when the fireplace is vented through a chimney or the pilot may be turned off to conserve gas during the warmer months of non-use. The way to relight a pilot light on a gas-burning fireplace depends on whether it has an electronic pilot light or a flame-lit pilot.

Electronic Pilot Light

Step 1

Make sure the supply line to the gas fireplace is on. If you will be using the electronic setting, which controls the operation of the unit to maintain a specified temperature, make sure the electric switch for the unit is on. If you have an electronic pilot light, but the electricity is off, you can light the unit following the directions under "Flame-Lit Pilot Light."

Step 2

Locate the control knob that reads "Pilot Ignite" (or Ign). The control knob may be behind a removable panel. The control knob also will have positions for "Off," "On" and "Electronic" if your unit is designed for temperature control.

Step 3

Push and twist the control knob to the "Pilot Ignite" setting. Keep the control knob depressed to release a small amount of gas.

Step 4

Push the ignitor button at the same time you are depressing "Pilot Ignite." When you hear clicking, indicating a series of sparks is being sent to light the gas, release the ignitor button but continue to press the "Pilot Ignite" control.

Step 5

If the pilot does not light within a few seconds, wait 10 seconds and then push the ignitor button again. It may take a few tries to ignite as air is forced out of the gas line. Release the "Pilot Ignite" control when the pilot lights. Turn the control knob to "On" if you want the flames on continuously or to "Electronic" to have the system maintain a specified room temperature.

Flame-Lit Pilot Light

Step 1

Make sure the supply line to the gas fireplace is on. Light a match or butane candle lighter. Hold the lit match or lighter near the burner in the fireplace.

Step 2

Turn the gas key to allow gas to flow to the burner. If lighting an electronic-operated pilot when the electricity is off, turn the control knob to "Pilot Ignite" and press the knob.

Step 3

Pull the match/lighter away when the burner lights. On a non-electronic fireplace, adjust the flame height by turning the gas key. On an electronic fireplace, you can now turn the control knob to the "On" position (the "Electronic" position on the system will not function without electricity).