How to Make a Smoker From an Old Oven

How to Make a Smoker From an Old Oven. Nothing beats the rich flavor of foods prepared in a smoker. The commercial smokers can be quite expensive, and smoking foods at home doesn't have to be just for the wealthy. It is possible to make a smoker out of an old electric oven. This relatively inexpensive and easy to make smoker will satisfy both your pocketbook and your belly. Read on to learn how to make a smoker from an old oven.

Step 1

Find an old electric oven that has all of its racks. For easy cleaning and assembly, look for an oven with a large bottom drawer. Don't worry about electrical function, burners or knobs, because you don't need an oven that works.

Step 2

Remove the burners and burner covers, top of the oven with all of the knobs and electric parts, so that only an empty skeleton of an electric oven remains.

Step 3

Drill a hole in the center front of the large drawer towards the bottom. You want the hole to be large enough so that you can insert the extension cord of a hot plate.

Step 4

Cut a 7-inch diameter hole in the center of the floor of the old oven so that the oven compartment has a link to the drawer and smoke can easily rise to the racks.

Step 5

Create a chimney by placing a 7-inch diameter metal duct into the hole. This will keep drippings from food off of your hot plate.

Step 6

Place your oven smoker in a solid and dry location.

Step 7

Situate the hot plate in the drawer, centered underneath the chimney and thread the power cord through the hole that you drilled in the center front of the drawer. Place a cast iron pan filled with your preferred woodchips on the hot plate and you are ready to cook.