Use Instructions for a GE 42-Cup Coffee Urn

The General Electric 42-cup coffee urn allows you to make enough coffee for a crowd of people. The urn takes approximately 1 minute for every cup of coffee, so you should start the coffee approximately 45 minutes before you need to serve, if making a full pot. Once made, the coffee will remain at the proper temperature until the urn is unplugged from the electrical outlet.

Step 1

Wash and dry the removable parts of the coffee urn, as well as the inside of the pot itself.

Step 2

Fill the coffee urn with cold water for the desired number of cups. You can find the indicator for the water level on the outside of the urn as you fill it.

Step 3

Insert the stem and coffee basket into the urn.

Step 4

Fill the coffee basket with up to 2 1/2 cups of ground coffee for a full pot. As a general rule of thumb, you will use approximately 1 ounce of coffee per cup.

Step 5

Place the lid on the urn and twist to lock it into place.

Step 6

Plug the electrical cord into a nearby outlet. The urn will begin brewing the coffee automatically.

Step 7

Serve the coffee by lifting the lever on the outside of the urn after the light has gone out signifying the process is complete.