Where Is a Carrier Furnace Filter Located?

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A United Technologies Corporation subsidiary, Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning has been manufacturing HVAC equipment for residential customers since the company was founded in 1902. Carrier offers a popular line of home furnaces that are available in gas- or oil-burning models to best suit your heating needs. If your Carrier furnace cycles on and off too frequently, the filter may be dirty or clogged. Locating the filter in a Carrier furnace is a simple process that you can accomplish in just a few short minutes.


Safety First

Before you try to locate the filter in your Carrier furnace, follow the proper safety precautions to reduce or eliminate the potential risk of injury. If you have a Carrier gas furnace, locate the gas valve and rotate it 90 degrees to turn off the supply. Shut off the electricity to your furnace from your home's main electrical service panel. Locate the circuit breaker switch that is associated with your Carrier furnace. Flip the switch to the "Off" position and leave it there until you have finished troubleshooting or repairing your furnace.


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In Carrier furnaces, you must remove two appliance panels to access the furnace filter. Start by locating the two screws at the top of the main furnace door; remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver and set them aside. Pull the door toward you while simultaneously lifting up to unseat the bottom of the door from its track; set the removed furnace door aside. Locate the blower access panel at the bottom of the furnace cabinet; pull the panel toward you to remove it.


Locate Furnace Filter

Locate the furnace filter inside the blower cabinet; the exact location of the filter can vary by Carrier furnace model. Look for the filter along the sides, top or bottom of the blower cabinet; the filter may be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on the model. In some models, the filter may be housed in its own compartment that is mounted to the side of the cabinet; open the compartment cover to access the furnace filter. Carrier furnace filters are 1-inch-thick, cardboard-framed rectangle components that can vary in width and height.


Replace Furnace Filter

Once you've located the filter in your Carrier furnace, you can check to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Carrier recommends that homeowners check their furnace filters every three to four weeks for optimal furnace performance. Slide the filter out of the furnace; replace filters that appear dirty or clogged. If your Carrier furnace has a washable filter, rinse the filter under cool running water until clean. Allow washable filters to air dry before reinstalling them in your furnace.



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