How to Use a Krups Cappuccino Espresso Machine

Cappuccino and espresso are dark, rich, delicious brews normally enjoyed in small quantities as dessert coffees. The fragrance captivates the gourmet coffee lover. With the right equipment, and a willingness to follow instructions, you'll have a brew that would be the envy of the Capuchin monks for whom the rich beverage was named. Making cappuccino is not quite as simple as brewing ordinary drip coffee. Pressure is a key factor in the operation of an espresso machine. Another difference is that boiled water is forced through the coffee grounds. Take time to get completely acquainted with your Krups espresso machine before attempting to make your first cup of this popular coffee. Many people who are unhappy with their espresso-cappuccino machine have not carefully read and followed the directions.

Step 1

Fill the glass carafe with enough water to make the amount of espresso desired, plus a little extra water for frothing milk. The carafe will be marked on the side so you know how many cups you are making.

Step 2

Make the espresso. This is quite a bit like brewing coffee and you can simply set the machine and let it brew. Generally, this involves heating the water and forcing it through the coffee grounds. You can actually buy your espresso pre-made if you wish so that you can get to your cappuccino faster. The cappuccino machine is designed to steam and froth milk, so it does not matter all that much where your espresso comes from.

Step 3

Fill the frothing pitcher approximately half full with cold skim milk. This milk with eventually be turned into the delicious foam on top of the cappuccino.

Step 4

Set the machine to froth the milk. Set the machine at the position indicated by a "cup" icon. Move the selector switch to the "O" position when the espresso reaches the steaming mark on the carafe.

Step 5

Froth the milk. Put the steam nozzle about halfway into the frothing pitcher containing the milk. Turn the switch to the "steam" position and leave it there for approximately 1 minute. After frothing, let the milk settle before turning the switch back to the "cup" position in the final step of making the espresso.

Step 6

Assemble your cappuccino. Fill your cup with espresso then add steamed milk and frothed milk.

Carole Ellis

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