How to Unlock a Locked Door on a Frigidaire Oven

Frigidaire ovens are designed with several features to make cooking easier. One of the key features, however, has nothing to do with cooking. The oven lock is a safety feature designed to keep children from injuring themselves on the oven. When the oven lock is enabled, the control panel is inoperable and the oven door locks. Before you can use the oven as normal you need to disable the lock.

Step 1

Pull lightly on the oven door or by check for the word "Lock" and "Off" on the display screen to make sure the oven door is locked. You may actually lock the oven if you don't check before attempting to unlock it.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Clear/Off" button on the oven until you hear a beep and the word "Off" disappears from the display. The word "Lock" will remain in the display until the door lock is disengaged, which could take up to 15 seconds. You can now use the oven as normal.

Step 3

Reengage the oven lock by pressing and holding the "Clear/Off" button until "Lock" and "Off" reappear on the display.