Why Won't Whirlpool Cooktop Ignitors Stop Clicking?

Whirlpool gas ranges and cooktops have an electronic ignition system used to ignite the gas on the cooktop burners. When the igniters are energized, it makes an audible click as the igniters create several sparks to ignite the gas on the burner. If these clicks are heard after cleaning the appliance, it is due to water getting into the igniters.

Cause of Clicking

The clicking occurs when water seeps into the cooktop or range and temporarily shorts the igniters. When this happens, the igniters begin to click rapidly until the water has evaporated. When cleaning your cooktop or range, you can use a damp cloth, but avoid using a cloth that is soaking wet to prevent the igniters from clicking after cleaning the appliance.

Lasting Effects

When you hear the clicking begin and then proceed for a prolonged period, you may develop a concern that you have done damage to your appliance. Although it is not recommended that you continue the practice of spilling water on the appliance, the water poses no harm. Nor will the presence of the water lead to other malfunctions in the appliance.

Expedite Evaporation

Although the water will eventually evaporate by itself, you can decrease the time required to remove the water by increasing the airflow around the cooktop. If possible, place one or more fans near the cooktop so they are blowing air directly onto the surface. As the airflow circulates around the cooktop, the water will evaporate and the clicking will stop.

Another Way to Expedite Evaporation

Preheating your oven to 350 degrees and allowing it to run for at least 30 minutes will further speed up the evaporation process.