Monitor Heater Model 441 Specifications

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Monitor Products, Inc., is a North American manufacturer of indoor climate control products. Monitor's products range from room heaters and continuous water heaters to oil fired condensing heating systems. Many of Monitor's products run on fuels such as kerosene, oil or natural gas. They are designed for permanent installation in a room. The Monitor 441 became available in 1994, but has since been discontinued.



The Monitor 441 runs on Crystal Clear kerosene, which is fed into the unit through a separate fuel tank. This tank is not originally supplied with the 441 and must be purchased separately. The 441 consumes fuel at different rates, depending on the heating setting used. On High, it consumes 0.319 gallons of fuel an hour, while only consuming 0.25 gallon an hour on the High-Medium setting. On the Low-Medium setting, it consumes 0.16 gallons of fuel an hour, while the Low setting provides minimal consumption at only 0.12 gallons per hour.


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The Monitor 441 promises 93 percent efficiency in its owner's manual. However, this doesn't factor the loss of heat from condensation, which places the true net efficiency of the 441 at 87 percent. The amount of heat generated depends on the setting the 441 is on. On the High setting, the 441 has a rating of 43,000 BTU an hour, for an overall output of 40,000 BTU an hour. On the High-Medium setting, it rates at 33,900 BTU an hour, for a total output of 31,500 BTU an hour. On the Low-Medium setting, the 441 is rated at 21,000 BTU an hour, with an output of 19,500 BTU an hour. On the Low setting, the 441 is rated at 16,200 BTU an hour and puts out only 15,000 BTU an hour.



The Monitor 441 delivers differing amounts of heated air to a space, depending on its setting. On both the High and High-Medium settings, the 441 delivers 388 cubic-feet of air every minute. On the Low-Medium and Low settings, it delivers 300 cubic-feet of air every minute.



The Monitor 441 runs on a 120 volt alternating current, at a rate of 60 hertz. It uses 340 watts during the ignition process. On average, it uses about 80 watts of power during its operation.

Physical Dimensions

The Monitor 441 is 26.6 inches tall, 28.7 inches wide and 13.8 inches deep. Its vent pipe hole measures 2.5 inches in diameter. When empty, the 411 weighs 82 lbs. Weight during operation varies, depending on how much fuel is in the fuel tank.



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