How to Find the Model Number on a Hotpoint Stove

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Things You'll Need

  • Flashlight, if the stove is in a place with insufficient light

  • Camera


The founders of Westinghouse merged with General Electric in 1918. General Electric registers and services Westinghouse appliances, including ranges.
Have your model number on hand before calling or shopping online for parts or service. Online, such as on the GE parts website, look under ranges for parts or information about your Hotpoint stove. A range has cooking elements on the top and an oven. A cooktop has only the cooking elements, and a wall oven is a built-in oven without burners.

If you need to find the model number for a gas or electric cooktop, look under the cooktop on the right at the back, beneath the front right control knob and the rear control knob, and on the underside of the cooktop. On an electric cooktop the model number tag might be beneath the left rear burner or the right front burner.


Search for the model number when the stove and oven are off and cool to avoid being burned by accidental contact with heating elements. Remove pots and pans and any moveable parts such as gas burner rings before lifting a cooktop to avoid scratching the stove.

Don't worry, identifying a Hotpoint stove doesn't require any lifting.
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Contemporary Hotpoint stoves have a tag with the model number and serial number attached to the appliance, and the location varies. Hotpoint refers to its stoves as ranges. Finding the model number simplifies troubleshooting, finding a product manual online and ordering parts or service for your range. Model types include gas and electric and they come in standard sizes by width: 20-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch.


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Step 1

Open the oven door all the way and look for a tag on the frame of the oven's opening. In many Hotpoint ranges the tag will be on the bottom of the frame near the door's hinges.

Step 2

Check other possible tag locations if you didn't find the tag when you opened the oven door. Open the drawer below the oven, if your stove has one, and look on the surface of the rim around the drawer cavity that's facing you. Check under the front left burner if your stove is electric.

Step 3

Lift the stovetop if it's an electric range with a liftable cooktop. Check on the right side and center of the cavity for a tag.


Step 4

Grip the kickplate if there is one -- a kickplate is a removable panel below the oven. Pull it free; it may be necessary to lift it slightly as you pull. Look for the tag on the stove's frame.

Step 5

Write down the model number from the tag. Take a close-up picture of your stove's tag and store it in your phone or other portable device for convenient reference.


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