How to Remove Scratches from a Stove Top

Many stoves scratch easily when individuals try to clean off stuck-on food with a Brillo-type pad. Even sponges with a harsh abrasive side can cause a scratch to your stove top. Items used to clean your stove top are not the only things that cause scratches. You may be sliding one pot or pan from a front burner to a back burner, and then notice that it caused a scratch in between the two. Don't get upset because there are ways to remove the scratches.

Stove Top

Step 1

Pour some Janvil Glass Scratch Remover on an old cloth and work in to the scratch. This method should only be used on glass stove tops such as most flat top stoves. You will need to spend a few minutes working this product into the scratch before you see it disappear.

Step 2

Use a buffer over the scratch. Move your buffer in a circular motion over the scratch until it disappears. This may take a few minutes, but it will work on small scratches.

Step 3

Pour Perfect-It on a rag and work it into your scratch. Within a few minutes, your scratch will be gone. This product is made to remove scratches on cars, but works just as great on stove tops. What is great about this product is that it is safe for the environment. That is important since you will be using it on your stove where you cook food to eat.

Alicia Bodine

Alicia Bodine

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