How to Mix Stainless Steal & Black Appliances

Mixing stainless steel and black appliances is a great way to get a clean, functional kitchen with a modern, elegant look. Stainless steel and black is actually one of the easiest combinations to achieve because the two colors are already associated -- most stainless steel appliances have black trim and vice versa. Stainless steel reflects a lot of light, so black is a good choice if you have a lot of natural light or you feel your kitchen seems too bright or open.

Stainless steel and black appliances provide a sleek, modern look.

Step 1

Use accents of the opposite color to add a bit of black or stainless steel to a completely one-toned appliance. For example, place a black spoon landing or tea kettle on a stainless steel stove or use stainless steel magnets on a black refrigerator.

Step 2

Shop for appliances that already blend the two shades together. Black and stainless steel is a popular mix, so you won't have to search for long to find an appliance with the colors you want and the features you need.

Step 3

Order black-glazed glass for ovens when you're decorating with black and stainless steel. It'll look great on a stainless steel oven front.

Step 4

Remove the handles from your old stainless steel or black appliances and take them to your local hardware or home improvement store. Explain that you want to replace them with your accent color -- either black or stainless steel -- and order new ones. Put them on the appliance when they come in.

Step 5

Use a black and silver clock, black rugs, silver canisters and other accent pieces to tie the whole look together. Mixing silver and black -- even if you can't find stainless steel everything for your kitchen -- is a good way to really bring the appliances together as a set.