How to Set the Timer on a Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart is a "universally recognized name," according to the Cuisinart website. Julia Child and James Beard used their food processor, which was first introduced in 1973. Today, Cuisinart offers a full line of kitchen appliances including coffee makers. Cuisinart has a variety of coffee systems such as single serving makers, espresso makers and programmable coffee systems. If you own a Cuisinart programmable coffee maker, setting the timer for coffee is just a few simple steps.

Setting the timer on your Cuisinart coffee maker is easy.

Step 1

Set the correct time. When you plug in the coffee maker, 12:00 will appear in the time bar as the default time. Hold down the minute or the hour button until the 12:00 begins flashing. Press and hold the hour button until the correct hour appears. The PM button will come on to indicate that the hour is PM. Press and hold the minute button until the correct minute appears. You can also press and release the button continuously until you reach the desired number.

Step 2

Exit the time set mode. There are two ways to exit the time set mode. You can push another function button and you will automatically exit the time set mode, or you can leave the buttons alone and after five seconds, the time is set.

Step 3

Set the program time. Press and hold the program button. The green light and LCD screen will flash. Press and hold the hour button until you reach the desired hour. You can press the hours one at a time as you near the desired time. Press the minute button until the desired minute is reached.

Step 4

Exit the set program time mode. Press the program set button again to exit the mode. You can also press any other function button, except the hour and minute buttons, or do nothing and after five seconds the program time mode exits and your programmed time is set.

Pauline Gill

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