How to Change the Light Bulb in a Sharp Carousel Microwave

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The microwave gets the short shrift for all that it does day in and day out. From heating up that forgotten cup of coffee to making a hot lunch out of cold leftovers for a mid-day energy boost, the small kitchen appliance diligently works without requiring much maintenance. But when the light no longer turns on inside the microwave, it can be a nuisance.


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If the Sharp carousel microwave light won't turn on when the door is opened, then it may just need a quick change out. Replacing Sharp carousel microwave oven lightbulbs is a fairly easy task to complete with minimal effort.

Before Changing the Microwave Bulb

The microwave is safe to use when the light is burned out, but it can be annoying. When the door is closed, the shaded glass makes it difficult to see that the cheese is at the perfect measure of melted that you prefer or the hot dogs are beginning to plump. Don't be intimidated by changing the microwave's burnt-out bulb but do be careful whenever working with electrical appliances. When working on the microwave to change the bulb, it is best to unplug the unit from the electrical outlet, according to GE Appliances.


For built-in microwaves, look for a plug above, below or to the side of the unit. The electrical cord may snake through a hole in the cabinet to an outlet located relatively close to the small appliance. If the microwave is new and the lightbulb is not working, Sharp notes that the limited warranty will cover the replacement done by a professional. Some warranties may be voided if you open the microwave cabinet yourself.

Sharp carousel microwave oven lightbulbs can be bought at most big box home improvement stores or purchased online. Consult the owner's manual for the specific model of microwave that you are working on to ensure you are replacing the correct bulb. You can also remove the bulb and check the reference number on the bulb.


Sharp Microwave Lightbulb Replacement

Once you have unplugged the appliance and have the correct bulb in hand, the Sharp microwave lightbulb replacement process should only take a few minutes. To complete the task, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver. Use a bowl to hold the screws and lightbulb cover plate so that they don't get lost. Some microwaves won't operate if the light cover is not snugly returned to its nook.

Remove the screws from the back of the microwave. Locate the cover to the light box and remove the screws from the top and sides. Gently pull out the lightbulb. If it is broken, then use a potato or thick sponge to twist the glass bulb safely from its housing. Push the potato or thick sponge over the broken glass until it meets the metal of the bottom of the bulb. Slowly twist until the bulb releases from the connection.


Twist the new bulb into place and return the light cover. Make sure to tighten the screws so they don't inadvertently shake loose and fall within the cabinet of the microwave. This is a good time to give the inside of the back of the microwave and the removed back cover a good cleaning with a dry, soft cloth. Return the back of the microwave cabinet and screw it into place.



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