How to Find Model Number on a Kenmore Dishwasher

When your dishwasher breaks and you find yourself knee-deep in soapy water, you need to know how to find your appliance's model number. If you have a Kenmore dishwasher, you easily can find its model number by looking in a few key places.

Step 1

Check the left, right and top sides of the door and the door jamb for the model number tag. Also check the upper left corner of the door frame. The tag might be a white or silver sticker or a metal plate.

Step 2

Check the underside of the control panel, which should be on the flat front near the top of your model. Also look behind the latch strike, which lies under the closing mechanism of your washer. Finally, check the flange (the flat upper panel on the inside of the dishwasher door) for the model number tag.

Step 3

Locate the model number on the tag. It often is on the left side of the tag beside the serial number.