How to Find Model Number on a Kenmore Dishwasher

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A functioning dishwasher can be taken for granted until the day it breaks, and you are stuck washing every single dish by hand. This can become a very cumbersome task, which often results in calling a repairman or looking into resolving the problem for yourself. When trying to repair an appliance or find out more information about it, it is always easier when you know the make and model number of your dishwasher.


Kenmore Model Number

Finding your Kenmore model number on your dishwasher should not be very difficult to locate. The Kenmore brand is made by Whirlpool, LG and Frigidaire, however, the dishwashers are mainly made by the Whirlpool mother brand. Whirlpool has created an easy to follow graphic that shows you all the potential places your model number could be. When it comes to Kenmore dishwasher models, the model numbers can be found on the top of the door, the side of the door, on the door jam or inside the tub.


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The model number could be difficult to find on older models where the number has either been rubbed off or the sticker has come unglued over time. On the Whirlpool website, they also offer a chat service or phone call service where they are willing to help you identify your model number with you so that you can repair your dishwasher.

Kenmore Dishwasher Replacement Parts

If you can locate the model number of your Kenmore dishwasher, Whirlpool has also created a master list of all the Kenmore dishwasher models. You can verify you have the right model by simply finding it on the list and clicking on the link. It is an excellent resource to use when trying to buy replacement parts, however, it is not the only place that you can purchase replacement parts. You can purchase Kenmore dishwasher parts from Amazon, directly from the Whirlpool store and your local hardware store. It is always best to shop around to obtain the best price available.


Whirlpool Mother Brand

The Kenmore brand is made under various companies, depending on the appliance. While dishwashers are usually made by the bigger appliance brand Whirlpool, Goedeker's reports that Kenmore products are also made by big companies such as LG and Frigidaire as well. This basic information can become very handy when trying to find replacement parts or even to contact the mother brand for warranty issues.


Using the Kenmore dishwasher manual that came with your model could also greatly help with any problems you may encounter with your dishwasher. If you can no longer find your owner's manual, you can most likely locate a copy on the Kenmore website or through the Whirlpool website. Of course, finding the proper owner's manual would require you to know the model number of your Kenmore dishwasher first so that you can properly handle and care for your appliance.




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