How to Turn Off the Beep Sound on My Thermador Dishwasher

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The older you get, the more exciting it is researching the latest tech gadgets in kitchen appliances, because they make life more convenient. Although dishwashers save a lot of time and energy, one of the most helpful, but annoying, things about the Thermador dishwasher is the cycle completion beeper. The Thermador dishwasher beeper can become a nuisance, but it's relatively easy to disable.


Thermador Dishwasher Wash Cycle Selection

According to the Thermador Care and Use Manual, when you are washing your dishes, the Thermador dishwasher will wash and dry your items depending on what cycle you choose. According to Appliance Service Station, if you're finding that you need to dry your dishes even after the drying cycle ends, you may need to change it to another drying cycle that fits your dishes drying needs.


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To start a cycle, you need to open the dishwasher door, press the on/off switch and then push the button once to select the program you wish to run. After you choose the program cycle, close the door. For the program to start, the Thermador dishwasher door needs to latch.

Enable/Disable Cycle Completion Beeper

When the cycle is finished, the dishwasher will stop, and the clean light will become illuminated. Then the cycle completion beeper will go off. According to the Thermador Care and Use Manual, after every wash, a beeping noise will signal that the cycle is over. The beeper will beep two times to indicate you can remove your dishes, and it will beep every 15 minutes until you turn your dishwasher off.


To enable or disable the cycle completion signal, you need to open the dishwasher door and simultaneously hold down the light wash button while turning the dishwasher on. You will see that the light wash light is blinking. While the light wash light is flashing, push the light wash button.

If your machine beeps, then that means the cycle completion signal has been enabled. If you push the button again and it does not beep, that means that the cycle completion button has been disabled. You can turn off the dishwasher to take it out of program mode at any time.


Interrupting a Cycle

Although it can be a nuisance to interrupt a dishwasher cycle, the steps are super easy when it comes to interrupting a Thermador dishwasher cycle. The dishwasher has a safety feature that makes the dishwasher turn itself off anytime you open the door. You don't want to do this unless there is an emergency, though, because as soon as you open the door, water can splash out if the dishwasher is running on the wash or rinse cycle.


To interrupt the cycle, all you have to do is press the on/off button and wait 10 seconds before opening the door. When you are ready to resume the cycle, push the on/off button and close the door.

Changing or Canceling a Cycle

When you want to change a cycle, all you have to do is press the program button twice to select your desired cycle. As soon as you choose the cycle that you want, the chosen cycle button will illuminate. If you need to cancel a cycle, all you have to do is press the cancel and drain buttons at the same time. Hold them for three seconds.


Once the drain pump noises stop, the LED display or clean light will show that the cycle is over. When those lights pop up, that means that the dishwasher has reset. Press the on/off button to turn the dishwasher entirely off, and you can run a new cycle.




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