How to Clean a Maytag Quiet Series Dishwasher Filter

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The dishwasher filter helps make sure that the water that is being used to clean your dishes is clean.
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If you have a Maytag Quiet Series dishwasher, you likely enjoy a great, noise-free clean of your glasses, plates and silverware on a regular basis. Over time, you may find that your dishes are not quite as clean as they once were, however. This can indicate a problem with your dishwasher, or it may merely be an indication that you need to clean out the filter on the appliance. Fortunately, cleaning the dishwasher filter is a fairly straightforward exercise.


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Maytag Dishwasher Filter

Over time, food particles accumulate in the filter of your Maytag Quiet Series dishwasher. This is, of course, the purpose of a dishwasher filter. The filter keeps food from accumulating in your plumbing or in the dishwasher itself, according to Maytag.


This type of Maytag dishwasher also has a drain grate that can become clogged with food. You should check the drain grate periodically and definitely clean it any time you clear out the filter. It is normal for the drain grate and filter in your dishwasher to collect food and other particulate, since their job is to keep it from your dishes and your pipes.

How to Clean the Filter

To clean your Maytag Quiet Series 300 filter, unlatch the appliance. Then, pull the lower rack of the dishwasher out completely so that you can access the bottom of the unit. You will see a round drain grate in the bottom of the dishwasher.


Lift the drain grate out of the dishwasher. If there is food that has accumulated in the drain grate, shake it out into the garbage can. You can then wash the grate with soap and water.

Next, remove the filter from beneath the drain grate. You can wash it under cold water in your kitchen sink. You may also find that an abrasive sponge, pipe cleaner, or old toothbrush is helpful in cleaning the filter. Once the filter is cleaned, allow it to dry before you put it back into the dishwasher.


Replacing the Filter

Before you replace the dishwasher filter, you might consider splashing it with some lemon juice. Doing so may help it to remain fresher and will lend your dishes a citrusy smell. Then, replace the filter in its compartment. Place the drain grate cover back over the filter and replace the bottom rack of the dishwasher.


Reload the appliance and run it again to ensure your dishes are cleaner. If they are not, consider running an empty load in the dishwasher with just vinegar or a dishwasher cleaner, which are usually made from strong citrus agents, to remove hard water and other buildup. The lower spray arms of the dishwasher in particular may occasionally become caked with soap, food particles and hard water deposits, so regularly cleaning in this way can also be a good idea.


Your Maytag quiet series 200 dishwasher (or other models in this appliance lineup from Maytag) will perform better when the filter and drain grate are properly cared for. Regular maintenance cleaning and the use of vinegar or citrus in your dishwasher will aid in ensuring cleaner dishes.


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