How to Reset a Beko DW600 Dishwasher

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If you are still unable to select and start a dishwashing cycle, try resetting the appliance from your home's circuit breaker box. Identify the circuit breaker that corresponds to your dishwasher and flip it to the "Off" position. Allow the switch to remain in the "Off" position for at least five minutes. Flip the circuit breaker switch back to the "On" position to restore power to your dishwasher.


Contact Beko customer support if your dishwasher continues to malfunction after being reset. There might be an underlying mechanical problem.

Headquartered in Turkey, Beko is an international appliance manufacturer that has been producing appliances for residential customers in Europe and the United Kingdom since 1954. The Beko DW600 is a full-size, energy-efficient dishwasher with five cycle options and a 12-place setting capacity. If your Beko DW600 malfunctions, the electronic control panel may lock, making it impossible for you to select or start a new dishwashing cycle. It is a simple process to reset the dishwasher's control board and unlock the control panel.


Step 1

Examine the electronic control panel on your Beko DW600 dishwasher to locate the "Start/Stop" button.

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Step 2

Hold down the "Start/Stop" button and count to three to cancel the dishwasher's current cleaning cycle; release the button.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Start/Stop" button and count to seven to reset the dishwasher control board; release the button.