How to Troubleshoot a Miele Dishwasher Water Intake

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Troubleshooting your Miele dishwasher problems involves thoroughly examining the appliance.

Miele dishwashers take the down-side out of home cooking, washing and drying your dirty dishes and cooking utensils with minimal hassle. Troubleshooting your dishwasher's water intake involves checking for blockages, cleaning intake screens and verifying the plumbing connected to the appliance is working correctly. Water supply problems prevent Miele dishwashers from completing a cycle and generate warning buzzes from the controls. Solving many of these problems is straightforward and does not require special plumbing or appliance knowledge.


Step 1

Turn off the dishwasher using the "O" button beside the button marked "I" then remove the power cable from the outlet. The appliance must be turned off and unplugged while you work on diagnosing the water supply problems.

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Step 2

Move the dishwasher out from beneath your kitchen counter so you can access the hot and cold water supply pipes. Make sure there are no kinks, twists or other restrictions reducing the flow of water. Ensure the pipes are situated so that the dishwasher doesn't crush them when pushed back in place.


Step 3

Follow the pipes to the shut-off valves at the wall; turn both as far as they will go toward the "Open" or "On" position. Closed or half-closed shut-off valves may restrict the flow of water to the dishwasher resulting in problematic cleaning.

Step 4

Turn off the water supply and unscrew the supply hoses from the shut-off valve. Carefully lift off the rubber seal at the top of the connection and lift out the water intake filter below with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Rinse the small filter under running water, brushing away any blockages and replace it in the hose. Reconnect the hose to the valve and turn on the water. Repeat with both hoses and try using the dishwasher as normal. A blockage could have been restricting the flow of water into the appliance.


Step 5

Call a plumber for a water pressure test; your Miele dishwasher will not work properly if the pressure is below 4.35 psi. The plumber will be able to help you improve your home's water pressure and therefore how your appliance works.



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