How to Reset a Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1

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You won't need your owner's manual to make this quick fix.
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From its name alone, you probably expect the Whirlpool Quiet Partner I dishwasher to be the picture of domestic peacefulness. And when it's running, it usually is. But even when there's something amiss -- such as with the heater -- the dishwasher won't set off a alarm. Instead, the "clean" light on the control panel will blink seven times in a row to alert you to the problem. You won't have to tiptoe around the appliance to restore it to working order, but you will have to reset it.

Step 1

Turn on the hot water at the faucet closest to your dishwasher and wait until the water becomes hot. The light on the control panel is blinking because the dishwasher did not heat the water to 110 degrees Fahrenheit during the fill cycle. In other words, the water did not get hot enough fast enough. Also ensure that there is sufficient water pressure from the faucet. Low water pressure could prevent the water from heating up appropriately.

Step 2

Leave the dishwasher door open as you reset it by pressing "heated dry," "normal," "heated dry" and "normal" in quick succession. Close the dishwasher door.

Step 3

Run the dishwasher. If it stalls again, there could be a problem with the control board, heater or thermostat. In this case, call a reliable appliance repair service to inspect the dishwasher.


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