How to Install a Ceiling Fan With Red Wire

Ceiling fans are appliances used to increase the comfort of a home. Depending on how the fan is used, it can help heat or cool a home by providing more control of the airflow within the home. Installing a ceiling fan can be a little challenging. Most ceiling fans have a white wire, a black wire, and a ground wire. If the ceiling fan has a light fixture, it has three more wires. One of those wires is usually a red wire. If you're using an existing ceiling fixture box, make sure it is rated to hold the weight of a ceiling fan, or install a box that is.


Shut off the circuit breaker feeding the circuit where you will be working. Test the circuit with a voltage tester to make sure the power is off.

Disconnect the white and black wires of the light fixture from the electrical splices, by untwisting the wire connectors and separating the pairs of wires. Set the fixture to the side.

Have a friend help hold the ceiling fan close to the bottom of the ceiling's electrical box. Make sure the electrical box is well-secured to the ceiling joist, and the box is rated to hold the weight of a ceiling fan. Splice the white (neutral) wire from the ceiling fan to the white (neutral) wire in the electrical box. Twist the wires together by screwing on a wire connector

Connect the black (hot) wire from the ceiling fan with the black (hot) wire in the electrical box, plus the red wire from the light fixture. The red wire is the hot wire for the fixture. Join the three wires together by screwing on an appropriately sized wire connector.

Splice all the green or bare copper ground wires together, using a larger-sized wire connector. Push all the spliced wires back into the electrical box, gently folding them if necessary.

Finish mounting the ceiling fan, according to the model's instructions.

Turn the power to the circuit back on. Test the fan and light fixture for correct operation. Run through all fan speeds and light-fixture settings.