My Oreck Air Purifier Machine Won't Stop Making a Popping Noise

Oreck air purifiers make popping or snapping noises when the filter is full of dirt and debris. Some popping from the filter is normal, but if the popping is frequent you will need to remove the filter and clean the components. Installing the filter properly will help ensure that it will continue to work properly.

Step 1

Turn off the machine and unplug it.

Step 2

Unscrew the retainer screw beneath the front grill and pull off the grill.

Step 3

Pull the cell out by grasping the two handles and lifting it out. Be careful not to bump the cell too much, as it holds the filters and can break if you agitate it too much.

Step 4

Remove the charcoal filter from the back of the cell by pulling it off. You will hear a snapping sound when you remove the filter.

Step 5

Slide off the pre-filter.

Step 6

Spray the pre-filter and the entire cell with Oreck Cell Cleaning Solution. Make sure to completely saturate the cell and the pre-filter.

Step 7

Let the solution sit on the cell and the pre-filter for several minutes. This will loosen the dirt, dust and debris.

Step 8

Rinse the cell and pre-filter under cold water to remove the dust and dirt.

Step 9

Let the components air dry completely.

Step 10

Replace the charcoal filter on the cell by pressing it on the back of the cell until it snaps into place. Slide the pre-filter into place, making sure that the side labeled "Front" is facing out.

Step 11

Slide the cell into the machine.

Step 12

Replace the front grill and screw the retainer screw back into place. Make sure that the grill is flush with the rest of the machine.