How to Fix Your Honeywell Humidifier

A humidifier increases the humidity level in a room or throughout the house. Low humidity levels can cause dryness in your skin, nose and throat which will lower your body's defense against illness. Low humidity can also damage your wood floors or furniture, which dry out and become susceptible to cracking. A humidifier in your home is an excellent way to keep your air comfortable. Honeywell makes several humidifiers which local retails stores sell. Fixing minor problems that may crop up with your Honeywell humidifier will extend its life.

Water Level Stuck

Step 1

Read the humidity level of the room indicated on the front of your Honeywell humidifier. If this number is above your desired humidity level, the humidifier is not running and the water level will not drop. Turn the dial to a higher setting or push the "+" button to increase your desired humidity.

Step 2

Turn off your humidifier if the humidity in the room is lower than your desired humidity but the water level is not dropping. Pull the electrical plug out of the wall.

Step 3

Grasp the handle on the top of the tank and pull it out of the Honeywell humidifier. Pull the filter basket out of the area the tank was resting. Remove the filter from the basket, if it is over 1 year old throw it away and replace with a new filter.

Step 4

Rinse the filter under cool water. If your filter is rust colored, allow it to sit in the water for a few minutes to break up the deposits. Replace the filter in the holding basket and insert the basket back in the humidifier. Position the tank back in the humidifier. Plug the humidifier back in and set your desired humidity.

Humidifier Stuck

Step 5

Turn the moisture control knob to the highest setting, this will cause the Honeywell humidifier to reset if it will not turn off or on. Allow it to run for 1 hour. Turn the knob back down until the humidifier clicks off. The humidifier should now turn on or off to maintain this desired humidity.

Step 6

Turn the control knob back up to the highest setting and let it run longer if the room does not feel humid enough. Once the room has increased in humidity, turn the knob back down until the humidifier clicks off once again.

Step 7

Turn off the Honeywell humidifier and allow it to sit for 1 hour if it does not turn off at the control knob, which may be set too high. Once you let the humidity in the room drop, turn the control knob until the humidifier turns on.