E1 Error Codes on Sharp Air Conditioners

Many Sharp air conditioners rely on the same error codes to help owners troubleshoot and fix common problems. The "E1" error appears as a reminder for owners, but can become an annoyance that hinders the air conditioner's use.


The "E1" error is used to remind users to clean their air filters. It stops operation of the air conditioner every 720 hours of use.


This error code is featured on every Sharp air conditioner with an LCD screen. Older models will not feature this error and can operate for longer than 720 hours.


Unplugging the air conditioner will not eliminate the code. After about an hour of use, the air conditioner will power down and the code will appear again.


Press the "Power" button, unplug the air conditioner, and hold the "Power" button both while plugging it in and while an utility test runs for around 30 seconds. Release the "Power" button, unplug the air conditioner and plug it in again; the error code should disappear.


After another 720 hours of use, the error code will appear again, but simply repeat the "Prevention/Solution" section to remove the code.

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