How to Reset a Kenmore Air Conditioner

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Test the plug once a month to ensure it is working properly. Press the “Test” button and the power should shut off to the unit. Reset the plug as indicated in step 4.

Kenmore room air conditioners are convenient appliances when you want to cool only one room or if you do not have central air conditioning. The air conditioners come with many features, among them a "Reset" button on the power-cord plug and a "Check Filter" indicator, that vary by model. The "Check Filter" indicator requires resetting after you clean the filter. The power-cord plug has a device much like a surge protector. When there is a power surge, the plug trips an internal switch to prevent blowing a circuit in your electrical panel. This device also requires resetting.

Step 1

Open the front grill and pull out the foam filter, if your "Check Filter" button is illuminated. Wash the filter in warm water and squeeze dry.

Step 2

Insert the filter back into the grill and close it. Press the "Check Filter" button, holding it until the light turns off. The filter reminder is now reset.

Step 3

Turn the power button on the Kenmore air conditioner to the "Off" position, if the power-cord plug has shut power off to the unit.

Step 4

Press the "Reset" button on the plug until the top of the button is flush with the plug body.

Step 5

Turn the power button on the Kenmore air conditioner to the "On" position.


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