How to Reset a Kenmore Air Conditioner

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Performing a hard reset is becoming commonplace today. It's when you must force an appliance or device to forget all the things it thinks it knows and return it to its basic operational mode. Doing this can restore proper function and wipe out glitches that might be throwing your electronics out of whack, but when it comes to how to reset your Kenmore air conditioner, it depends on which reset you need.


The Other Reset Mode

The Kenmore air conditioner has the general reset button, which is used for jogging the system after a power outage makes it glitchy or when you're trying to troubleshoot a never-ending beep. However, if you're doing basic DIY work on your Kenmore air conditioner, like cleaning or replacing filters, there's another reset — the filter reset. With filters needing to be checked monthly for optimal performance, this will be the reset that you'll use most often.


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What may happen is that the processor in the air conditioner recognizes that it's time for a new filter in the machine. If so, an LED light will illuminate next to "filter reset" on the unit's display panel, and this is your cue to switch the filter. You shouldn't ignore it because a clogged filter means the air conditioner must work harder to get the job done, and all that work shows up in the form of higher energy bills.


Once you've changed the air filter, you'll want to turn off that panel LED light. To do so, look for the "temp" control and press both the up and down arrows at the same time. Hold them until the light deactivates. This must be done through the panel display, not the remote control.

How to Perform Hard Resets

If your air conditioner is being wonky or it's in protective mode after a power outage, you may have to perform a reset. On the unit plug, you'll notice a reset button.


First, unplug the unit for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Then, press the "reset" button. There should be some resistance when you press it in to engage it, but if there's none, that's a more serious issue. If the reset button will not stay engaged, you must discontinue use of the unit immediately and contact a technician.

If you do get resistance, hold it for three seconds and then release it. The air conditioner should resume operations. If not, it might be a bigger technical problem for an HVAC specialist to solve. After all, what happens when you use the air conditioner is much more complicated than it appears.


Don’t Have a Reset Button?

Not all units come with a built-in reset button. Sometimes, your machine needs that "back to the basics" reboot that can restore its optimal functions. If so, it's time to visit your circuit breaker. Warn others in the household that you're resetting a breaker and then turn off the air conditioner's breaker for at least 60 seconds.

Afterward, turn on the air conditioner to see if you've resolved the glitches. If not, you may need to perform more cleaning or troubleshooting.




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