Sleep Mode Function in LG Air Conditioners

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The LG room air conditioner sleep mode function is geared toward making sleeping conditions more pleasant without your having to adjust the unit while in bed. Once the unit is installed and running, you'll want to learn how activate and take advantage of the sleep mode.

Sleep Mode Function

The sleep mode feature allows you to set a time for the air conditioner to automatically adjust to pleasant sleeping conditions. The button is located on the remote control and is marked with a star icon. During sleep mode, the indoor fan blows on low in cool mode or at medium speed during heating mode. After sleep mode goes into effect during cooling mode, the temperature will gradually rise 2 degrees during an hour and remain 2 degrees higher until manually changed.

Sleep Mode Programming

Press the sleep mode button on the remote control to activate the sleep mode feature. Each time you press the sleep mode button, the timer adds an hour. For example, if you wish for the LG to turn off in an hour, press the sleep mode button once. If you want the air conditioner to turn off in five hours, press the "Sleep Mode" button five times. If the timer is set and you wish to add an hour, point the remote control at the unit, and press the sleep mode button once for each additional hour.

Sleep Mode Indicator

To confirm that the sleep mode is active with the correct number of hours, verify that the star icon indicator is lit on the remote control display beside the desired number of hours.

Sleep Mode Cancellation

If you want to cancel the sleep timer, point the remote control toward the unit and press the sleep mode button until the star icon indicator light on the display turns off.


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