How to Stop a Bosch Dishwasher From Beeping When Done

Many Bosch dishwashers emit a series of beeps to alert you after completing a cycle. Because the factory sets this volume to maximum, however, the incessant beeping can be annoying -- particularly if you start the dishwasher before receiving guests or retiring for the night. To regain your peace and quiet, you can choose to disable the tone or adjust the volume.

For Most Bosch Models

Make sure the unit is powered off before you begin the adjustment procedure.

Step 1

On the unit's control panel, there are three buttons under the "Cancel Reset" label: press and hold the right "Cancel Reset" button.

Step 2

Press and hold the "On/Off" button.

Step 3

Release both buttons after the light illuminating the "Cancel Reset" button turns on and the tone stops.

Step 4

Press the right "Cancel Reset" button repeatedly to raise or lower the volume. The end adjustment will turn the sound off.

Step 5

Press the "On/Off" button to save your setting.

Bosch Model SHE9ER55UC

The Bosch SHE9ER55UC unit has hidden controls, so open the door before changing the settings.

Step 6

Press the "On/Off" button.

Step 7

Press and hold the "Normal Wash" button, then press the "Start" button repeatedly until the control panel display shows "H:00."

Step 8

Release the buttons.

Step 9

Press the "Normal Wash" button repeatedly until the display shows "b:02."

Step 10

Press the "Glass Care" button repeatedly to increase or decrease the volume of the beep -- "b:03" is the loudest and "b:00" silences the tone altogether.

Step 11

Press the "Start" button to save your setting and then close the door.