How to Kill and Get Rid of Hobo Spiders in Your House

Hobo spiders are also known as aggressive house spiders and funnel spiders are brown or gray in color. When fully grown, they may as big as an inch to 1.75 inches. Their webs are funnel-shaped and they prefer to live in the moist areas of your home such as a basement or window well. It is important to get rid of hobo spiders and kill them to keep you and your family safe.

Step 1

Eliminate the hobo spider's food source. Hobo spiders feed on insects, and having other insects in your home is like an invitation to dinner for the hobo spiders.

Step 2

Keep your home clean and uncluttered. Hobo spiders like to construct their webs in corners. They like to live in an area that is full of other things like boxes and bags.

Step 3

Remove spider webs in your home and outside your home. Use a vacuum to suck the spider webs up indoors. When finished, empty the canister outdoors into your trash receptacle bag and immediately throw it away, otherwise the spiders may crawl back out into your home. Outdoors, use a stick, 4 feet long or longer, to destroy their webs, and step on the spiders to kill them.

Step 4

Purchase a hobo spider trap. Place the traps in the areas where you have seen the spider webs. These areas include corners, entryways and window wells. Find these traps in most home-improvement stores, major chain stores or online.

Step 5

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your house and yard. Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic way to eliminate hobo spiders and other insects. The diatomaceous earth cuts through the hobo spider's exoskeleton. Then this happens, the hobo spiders and other insects die from dehydration. Purchase diatomaceous earth from garden-supply stores or online.

Step 6

Scatter pesticide dust in the area where they live. Read the label to make sure the dust is made to kill hobo spiders. Apply according to label directions.