How to Use Plaster of Paris to Get Rid of Mice

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring cup

  • Corn meal

  • Plaster of Paris

  • Quart jar with a lid


Do not leave food for animals, pets or humans open in any area at night. The feed and spoiled food attracts mice to a food source.

Mice are nocturnal and are active at night. It may be easier to recognize any activity of mice at night.


Wear gloves or use tools to pick up dead mice. Germs can exist on their bodies in the hair.

Store any unused mixture with a tightly closed lid away from pets and children.

Mice carry germs that promote sickness in humans and pets.
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Mice are vermin that carry and transmit diseases that makes animals and people sick. They deposit droppings on countertops, floors, in closets and anywhere they walk. Mouse urine can be lethal to a horse if it contaminates its feed and the horse ingests the food. It is important for the safety of families and animals to rid any structure, including barns, of all mice to avoid sickness. Plaster of Paris is useful as a mouse bait.


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Step 1

Use a measuring cup to measure one cup of corn meal. Pour the corn meal into a jar with a lid. Measure one cup of plaster of Paris and pour it into the jar.

Step 2

Screw the lid on the jar tightly. Shake the jar up and down and back and forth to mix the ingredients. Shake until it mixes thoroughly and is a consistent color.


Step 3

Locate mouse holes in a house, barn or any other structure. The holes are generally close to the walls. Locate any mouse droppings to identify the areas in which they travel.

Step 4

Open the lid on the jar and sprinkle the mixture near entrances and along trails of travel. Do not close the entrances or the mice cannot exit after eating the mixture.


Step 5

Remove any source of water in the internal area that the mice occupy. This action forces the mice to go elsewhere to drink water. The plaster of Paris hardens in their stomachs after they eat the mixture and drink water, and it will not pass through the digestive system. This action kills the mice.


Step 6

Check the area daily to locate and dispose of any mice that died inside of the structure. Dispose of dead mice in a garbage can or area away from the house.

Step 7

Reapply mixture as needed to make certain that all mice are dead. Clean the area so no feces remain so that new feces will indicate new arrivals. After the area appears clean of mice, close any openings in walls or floors that were entrances to the structure.