What Are the Black Mushrooms Growing on My Yard Plants?

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Yard plants are susceptible to fungus, caused by spores and the breakdown of organic materials, and create growths on the plants. Black mushrooms growing on or around plants are a sign of fungal growth in your yard. These mushrooms are not generally harmful but are unsightly.

Fungal Growth

The spores that lead to the growth of black mushrooms are constantly present in organic material in your landscape. These materials include grass clippings, tree clippings and fallen leaves. When these spores meet moisture from rain or watering, fungi, sometimes in the shape of black mushrooms, form.

Black Mushrooms

Several types of yard and plant mushrooms may appear black when they grow on your plants. Large, vertical black mushrooms growing on the plants in your landscape include the Sclerodema polyrhizum and members the Phallus species. Small black mushrooms usually grow in a flat, oyster-like pattern and are generally the Cyathus striatus.

Getting Rid of Black Mushrooms

Controlling black mushroom growth on your yard plants is difficult because it requires eliminating all spores. If black mushrooms are already growing, the spores are already present in the soil. If you find the black mushrooms on your plants unsightly, pick them off your plants or weed them by hand.

Preventing Growth

Though fungus spores cannot be eliminated from a yard, the conditions that help them grow into black mushrooms can be controlled. Since fungus spores need moisture to develop into black mushrooms, eliminating the water on the plants stops fungal growth. When watering plants, hold the watering can or hose close to the soil to prevent water from splashing up onto the stems and leaves. If you have drainage issues, add organic matter to the soil to improve drainage.


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