How to Use Sevin to Kill Ants

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Sevin is a carbaryl-based insecticide created by the Bayer Company. The powder is used widely for outdoor pest control, and is especially effective against ants in your yard. Though some ants are beneficial, an excessively large ant population can kill your garden plants. Some types, such as fire ants, may even cause physical discomfort to humans. Use Sevin dust to kill ants to protect both you and your garden.


Step 1

Put on protective gloves and a face mask to guard against touching and inhaling the Sevin product.

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Step 2

Scatter one to two tbsp. of Sevin dust evenly around the entrance to ant burrows and nests in the ground. The ants will walk through the powder and die. Some ants will also carry the product within the nest, poisoning the entire ant population.


Step 3

Dust a thin layer of the Sevin product in a two-foot radius around the ant burrows, in case the ants attempt to create new tunnels away from the main, treated burrow.

Step 4

Sprinkle Sevin dust around the base of plants that are being affected by ants. This forces the ants to walk through the insecticide as they climb on and off the plant. A light dusting directly on the plant can also help kill ants that are congregating on its foliage and branches.


Step 5

Treat the foundation of your home with Sevin if you have a problem with ants indoors. Though Sevin is intended for outdoor use, applying it to your home's outdoor foundation can drastically reduce the indoor ant population and prevent future infestations. Dust the Sevin powder around your foundation where it comes in contact with the ground.



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