How to Get Rid of Mockingbirds

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Things You'll Need

  • Method One

  • Super-soaker

  • Water

  • Scope (optional)

  • Method Two

  • 4 sheets of black paper

  • Large hawk or owl stencil

  • Scissors

  • Tape or glue

  • White chalk

  • 4 dowel rods


If the mockingbird is shot enough times with a stream of water, it will be discouraged to come back, although it may take a few hits before it loses the motivation to come back. This process could take a few days or weeks to permanently discourage the mockingbird’s appearance.

The owl or hawk sillohuettes need to be at least one foot across. To protect the cutouts from the rain, laminate them. If you decide to use tape, make sure it is a strong adhesive like duct tape.


Beware of mockingbird nests. Mockingbirds are extremely territorial and will attack anything or anyone that gets too close.

Mockingbirds are by far one of the noisiest and most possessive birds in this country. They hoard the birdseed in feeders, and they attack anyone or anything that gets close to their nest. There are essentially four ways to repel mockingbirds, and sadly, most other species of birds as well. Depending on what birds are unwelcome, only one method may work. If the mockingbird is the only real concern, there is nothing you can do other than chase after it with a broom or super-soaker. Other methods of repelling birds include loud sounds, like a shotgun, and stuffed or silhouetted owls and/or hawks.


Arming Yourself

Step 1

Fill the super-soaker water gun with water.

Step 2

Attach the scope for a better shot.

Step 3

Shoot all mockingbirds that come into sight.

Hawk and Owl Sillohuettes

Step 1

Trace the stencil with the white chalk onto the black paper.


Step 2

Cut around the outline of the owl or hawk.

Step 3

Tape or glue the sillohuette to the end of the dowel rod.

Step 4

Stick the dowel rod into the ground in the middle of the garden or crop as well as other strategic locations around the area you do not want mockingbirds.



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